Create With Me

Create With Me

Over the years of being a Content Creator, I've grown a community of over 145,000 outdoor, health + wellness enthusiasts on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Youtube. Paired with additional monthly readers here at This community is primarily millennials, based in North American and appreciates my experience, expertise, and authentic recommendations when deciding how to spend their hard-earned money and precious days off!

Over the past several years, I've had the privilege of being a Content Creator and an Entrepreneur. As a business owner I know how important it is to align with the right Content Creators to share your brand with the right audience, while aligning with your vision! It's always an honour to collaborate on projects to bring your creative dreams to life and share them with my community! 


  1. Digital Story Telling | With different audiences on multiple platforms, I'm able to engage and share on a deeper level. Creating a variety of content, showcasing products, places, and services that enhance my life!
  2. Modelling | Years of experience behind and in front of the camera has given given me the confidence to proudly display products, places, and experiences! 
  3. Speaking Engagements | Whether your're looking for someone to speak on Social Media or Health + Wellness - Motivating and Encouraging an audience has always been my greatest passion!!!

If you have a project coming up, and would like to learn more about working together - please reach out to and we'll be in touch!

Looking forward to hearing more about your brand - Cheering you on always! 

Maddison Noel 

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