It's hard, I hear you - I know you want to crush your goals, but you struggle to stay consistent. Let me break this down for you.

What nobody tells you about consistency, is that it being consistent doesn't mean always giving 100% to it everyday - wait, what -  being consistent with your workouts might mean crushing a leg day at the gym on Monday when you're feeling 100 and it might also mean doing a 15 minute HITT circuit at home Thursday because you had a tight work deadline you needed to meet.

This is real life we're talking about, sh*t happens, LIFE happens. Kids get sick, work emergencies come up, friends need a hand with something, maybe you want to enjoy the 3 days of nice weather we've had this month. You can do all of the above AND stay on track. Be flexible if your approach, and consistent in your attack. Here, let me give you an example:

You plan to workout 4 days/week. Monday-Thursday after work, but on Wednesday you're slammed at the office, so you don't have time to get to the gym. If you can't fit in the 15 minute commute each way (30 minutes total) and the 1 hour workout (1.5 hours all together) Save an hour, and take that 30 minutes you just gained by ditching the commute and get a quick home workout in. 


Let's say you plan on going for a 12 km hike on Sunday this week, but doing that means you won't have time to prep for you week like you normally would. Well lucky for you, hiking is a great form of exercise. Ditch the Monday leg day, and use the time you normally would have after work at the gym to catch up on life - like you normally would have Sunday.

The trick is - plan for it. So you can do it guilt free, and don't feel like you're missing a workout.

Remember that all the small steps, turn into big returns!

Cheering you on always,

Maddison Noel





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